RCFlex is a project by mildspring – We’ve got everything organized for you, so you can have more fun doing what you love – building, taking your hobby to the next level, racing, and winning! And don’t forget to show off your cool collection and builds on your profile. We can’t wait to see them! 🙂

Why RCFlex

Showcase: Show off your vehicles
Build logs: Create and share build logs
User profiles: Your own shareable profile
Parts list: Extensive list of parts
Favorites: Collect favorite products
RCDB: Growing database of RC Vehicles with specs
Exploded views: Downloadable diagrams of exploded views in PDF format
User manuals: Know what you doin’


You can also contribute to RCFlex by submitting your favorite RC car(s) or part(s) that aren’t already listed on the website.

Submit vehicle
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Affiliate disclosure

Sometimes, when you click on links on our website and buy stuff, we get a little bonus. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay more. It’s like you’re giving us a high-five and helping RCFlex when you buy through those links. Cool, right?

Reach out

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